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Hair Extensions – What type should I get?

There are so many variants of hair in the world of hair extensions. We couldn’t discuss every type in one blog post! However, we will discuss what we believe to be the best and why. You can decide from the different types that we use. Then you make a choice based on our years of experience. Trust us we have seen some terrible hair over the years. We would never let anyone leave our salon with low quality or badly fitted extensions. We guarantee you will have people turning heads!

Hair Extensions Application types


Micro rings hair extensions use human hair strands held together with a bond which is pulled through a micro ring and pushed shut to secure the hair in place.

This is a gentle process for the hair and highly secure meaning that you won’t damage your hair or scalp but also won’t have to ever worry about hair falling out of place or messing around with heat and glues. They usually take around 2 hours to apply a full head and as long as you look after them they will last around 3 months!


Tape in extensions are one of the newest application methods for extensions. What is great about this method is that it is quick to apply, you can fit in a lot of hair even in fine hair, and it lies very flat so looks really natural.

The tape sandwiches your hair between two strips of tape hair extensions and presses them together. They last around 2 months and take about an hour to fit. perfect for those busy ladies out there!

Pre-Bonded hair extensions

Pre-bonded extensions are very popular for this method we apply individual hairs that are bonded together at the ends by a 99% keratin protein ands 1% glue into each strand. The pre-bonded hair extensions are then melted by a heat wand which then connects to individual sections of your hair.

The bond looks seamless and blends really well with your natural hair, making sure that nobody knows you’re wearing hair extensions at all! Full head takes approximately 2 hours and lasts 3 months if cared for correctly.

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