Hair Extensions Northampton

AM Hair Extensions Northampton operates a specialist hair extension salon in Brixworth. We have over 20 years experience and we pride ourselves on giving a good service. We live and breathe hair extensions. We know all of the latest techniques, the best suppliers and we have a real eye for detail. Each and every head is different and we give all our customers a personalised plan for your hair journey.

Why do we need hair extensions?

Hair Extensions add volume.

Unless you’re naturally blessed with Nicole Scherzinger style thick healthy hair, you might struggle to get volume. If that is the case, then you could use hair extensions to give your hair some VaVaVoom! Once you have your hair extensions fitted, you will never look back! No more Mouse or hair thickening powders making it sticky, heavy and dry; just lusciously soft locks you can run your fingers through.

Add length.

Lots of us girls want long Rapunzel hair from a young age; unfortunately, we are not all so lucky! Hair extensions can give length to short fine hair and provide confidence in your appearance; this can be done quickly, no more waiting years to grow your hair. Just get our AAAAA Russian Hair extensions today!

Add Colour

Fancy having Balayage but don’t want to use bleach in your natural hair colour? Use hair extensions! Hair extensions can add colour to any style without the damage of harsh chemicals. Hair extensions can add highlights, low lights and flashed of bright colours if you fancy a change, anytime!

Get your hair extensions in Northampton today! Give us a call today and we will book you a free consultation no matter what your needs are!