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So you are thinking about getting hair extensions? We’re glad to see your search has brought you to us! You might want to add volume to your lifeless hair or lengthen hair that won’t grow past your cheekbones! Maybe you’re finding it hard to decipher all of the information available about hair extensions, it’s is hard to know what type of hair, method of application or amount of hair that you will need. But we are here to help. We hope the following blog posts will answer some of the crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge! Be informed so you make the best choices.

All hair that we use at AM Hair extensions Northampton is specially sourced, superior, luxury & quality. While the different types of hair vary in texture and longevity, all hair we use is cuticle correct, 100% human hair, so can be treated just like your own hair!

All of our hair is double drawn; this means each hair stand in a bundle is the same length.

Due to the superior quality of hair, we use we are able to re-use the hair. As long as you have taken care of it.

A free consultation is a great way to find out whether hair extensions are right for you and what method would be best for your hair type and style.

What Hair extension length should you get?

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Hair Extensions Discount!!!

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Short Hair Extensions with volume Northampton

How can I get volume in my hair?

Fine hair is a real pain in the backside, but most of us have it! I guess nobody knows as there’s so many people with hair extensions these days to thicken it up. In Northampton we use hair extensions to create volume and length but mainly volume is what people are looking for.

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